Big Ideas for Little Hands: September 2014

Peek at My Week: Fire Safety

It is a gorgeous fall weekend here in KY and I cannot wait to get out and enjoy the beautiful weather! So I am going to make this post short and sweet so me and Haylee can spend some Mommy Daughter time together and get some Coldstone for lunch! It's a tradition that my mom started and one that I will definitely carry on. Because who doesn't like ice cream for lunch!

Here is our plans for the week. We have a short week because Thursday is Parent/Teacher Conference day then Friday is a Teacher Workday. Then the countdown will be over and it will be Fall Break!!! We cannot wait! Not only is it a much needed well deserved break, but we will be spending it in Ft. Rucker and will finally get to see the wonderful hubs for a week. Can you say we are just a little lot excited!

So on to the plans. This week we will continue our Community Helper theme but focus on Fire Safety. On Tuesday, we will have a visit from firefighters and we will get to explore the fire truck and even go through a smoke trailer. The kids love this every year. We will spend the rest of the week learning about firefighters and fire safety. I will be back later to post pictures of all of our fun this week! For now you can take a look at our peek at this week below. Click on the pictures to download a copy.

 Now head on over to Mrs. Wills blog to see what other classes are up to this week!


Peek at My Week Community Helpers

Today is my daughter's 11th Birthday! I can't believe that she is already 11! Time goes by way too fast. We celebrated her birthday with her friends yesterday at the bowling alley. She had a blast!

Now we are off to her birthday dinner at our favorite Japanese Steakhouse with some friends. I'm just stopping by really quick to give you a peek at my week. We will be learning about Community Helpers this. Come see what we will be up to then stop by Mrs. Wills page to see what others will be doing this week. Hope you have a great week!

Apples, Apples Everywhere!

I finally found a few minutes to share all of our apple fun that we have had over the past few weeks! We were emerged in everything apples and the kids loved every moment. This was our first big theme of the year and it was great seeing all of the students learning and interacting. Could not have been happier! Now onto our activities.

We started our apple unit by talking about the different parts of an apple and labeling our apple. This cute activity came from Cara Carroll

We also made these adorable apple poem crafts to learn about the life cycle of an apple. These came from Deanna Jump

We also had an apple tasting party! We tasted all things that were made with apples from apple jacks, to apple juice, and apple jelly, apple cake, and even apple bars! Everything was so delicious they had a hard time deciding what was their favorites.

They finally picked their favorite way to eat apples and we graphed which way we each liked to eat apples the best. I was surprised that no one picked the apple jelly. That is one of my favorites! Of course the apple cake was our winner!
We then wrote which way to eat apples was our favorite and then made this adorable apple person to show off our favorite way! This cute craft also came from Cara Carroll.

We ended our apple unit by exploring apples! Students brought in an apple from home to explore. Then we filled in our Apple Exploration Journal to show everything we learned about our apple.

We estimated how long of a string we would need to fit around our apple then we checked our guess by measuring the apple with the string. Some of our friends were very close with their guesses!

We then measured our apple to see how many cubes tall they were!

 We predicted if our apples would sink or float then tested it to see what would happen.

We cut into our apple to count the seeds inside. We also looked at the star pattern that the seeds made. They then glued their seeds into their journal.

Then finally they were able to taste their apple to see if it was sweet or sour.

We had a blast learning about apples! I cannot wait until our next theme week. Theme weeks are always so much fun to teach! Hope you found some fun activities to use for your apple week. Check back later today for a peek at what we are doing next week!


Peek at Week: Fall

Wow, this weekend has been go, go, go and no chance to stop and breathe. I am finally getting a chance to post my plans for this week. Better late than never, lol. I hope to be back sometime this week to show you all of our fun we had with apples last week. I don't know how we fit it all in but somehow we did.

Before we go into my plans for the week, I have to share some exciting news and brag a little on a couple of my Kinders. Our school is very big into Reading Counts. Every class participates and makes a big deal out of it. Each grade level has a goal and when a student reaches their goal, they get a T-shirt! This is a huge deal in our school. We try to have all students meet the goal by the end of the school year. Kindergarten's goal is to get 50 points (usually 1 point per book) to get their T-shirt. Well, on Day 28 of school, I had not 1 but 2 kids get their T-shirts!!!! We were so excited and proud! They got to sign their names on our T-shirt poster and strut their T-shirts all day! Such an exciting day!

Now onto the plans. This week we will be learning about Fall! I love the cooler weather and the leaves changing colors and everything apple and everything about Fall! This is my favorite time of the year! Here's a quick peek at what we will be doing this week!

Hopefully I will be back tomorrow to show you all of our apple fun from the last two weeks. Until then you can head on over to Mrs. Wills to link up or look at more Peek at Weeks!


Peek at My Week: Apples

This past week we began diving into our apple study. We had so much fun learning about apples. This week we explore apples and make some fun projects with apples. I cannot wait! Apples is one of my favorite units to teach!!! So many fun things to do and learn. Check back later for a post just about our two weeks of apple fun!

Now onto this upcoming week. This week we will really be exploring apples and doing some fun things with them! We will be learning about the life cycle of an apple and making a cute project to go with it. We will also taste different apples and graph our favorite. We will end our unit by exploring an apple inside and out and tasting different foods made with apples! We will also be focusing on the letter T this week.
 We are still learning about shapes this week in math and exploring flat shapes and 3-D shapes. We also started Writer's Workshop last week and my kids are really getting excited about writing. They are already asking me when they can write their own stories! I am so excited that they want to write!
This will be our first full week of small groups. We practiced a little last week so here's to hoping everything goes smoothly this week.
Click on any of the pictures above to download a copy of my plans. Then head on over to Mrs. Wills page and link up or look at other lesson plans! Then come back at the end of the week for a look at all of our apple fun! Hope you have a great week!


Book Talk Tuesday - The Crayon Box That Talked

I love back to school books and there are so many great ones to read and never enough time. One of my favorite books to read to introduce colors is The Crayon Box That Talked. This is a story about a box of crayons that do not get along with each other and always fight. A boy hears the box arguing so he buys the box of crayons and draws a picture with each of them to show them how important each color is so they could all get along. It is such a cute story and the kids laugh when they hear about the crayons fighting. Definitely a great book to read when talking about colors.

After we read the story, we graphed our favorite color. It's not the prettiest graph in the world but it got the point across and the kids enjoyed it. We talked about which color the most kids liked, the least, and which were the same.

After we complete the graph, we made these adorable crayons from Cara Carroll. They were so simple to make. The kids did all of the cutting and gluing. It was very little prep and so adorable. The kids each made their crayon in their favorite color. They then wrote what their favorite color is on the top of the crayon. Here are some close up pictures of the crayons.

I love how cute they are and how different they all turned out. Each kid added their own little touch to them. This was great for the first week to talk about colors, graphing, and practice cutting and listening skills. Another book that you could add on as an extension activity that is also one of my favorites is The Day The Crayons Quit. Such a cute and fun story that ties in perfectly with this book!

Now head on over to Mrs. Jump's page to link about with a book or find some more great books!