Big Ideas for Little Hands: May 2015

The Sunday Scoop

I'm here with my first link up with the Teaching Trio! So excited to be linking up with these amazing ladies!

Here is a quick scoop at what I am up to today and this week.

Have tos: I have one more day of work left and it's just packing and cleaning my room. Once I finish that I am out for SUMMER VACATION!!!!! Then it's time to pack for all of my back to back trips this year with no break in between. I have never been gone this much over the summer and it is kind of making me nervous. Alabama, Georgia, Florida, New York, and Vegas watch out, here I come!!!

Hope tos: I really hope I can find some time to sleep in and relax between my travels across the country. I also would love to get ahead on creating so I am not stressing out finishing last minute things again. Such the life of a procrastinator.

Happy to: Hubby has been away for a year and 2 weeks, not that I am counting or anything :) and we still have 7 long months until we are back together again. Got to love the Army life. But luckily I will get to visit him in 2 days!!!! Me and Haylee are beyond excited!!!

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Peek at Week: Ocean

There is no kind of tired like end of the school year tired. And it's only going to be more exhausting. We have 8 more days people. 8 days with my amazing kiddos! So ready for summer to begin but I do not want to say goodbye to my kiddos. They are such an amazing class and I will miss them so much. The thing that makes it even harder is that we are getting rezoned and only 2 of my kids will be at the school next year. And on top of that 7 of my kids are moving this summer!!! 7 kids!!!! That's insane. I guess it comes with the joys of working on a military base.

This weekend has been filled with working on end of the year videos, pictures, and gifts and many tears while doing so. Haylee also had her recital this weekend. She totally rocked the stage! So proud of her!

Next week we will be diving into our unit on ocean! Here's a quick peek at what we will be up to. Trying to make the last few days as fun as I can. Gotta keep them engaged!

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Peek at Week: Fractured Fairy Tales

Can I get a Hallelujah for surviving this week! It has been one crazy week and not sure how we made it through it. I was definitely ready for the weekend.

My poor little puppy that broke her back 2 months ago took a dive downhill all of the sudden and was rushed to the emergency vet Tuesday morning before work. After some good meds and some TLC I think she will back to good in no time.

Well Haylee had to show Bella up so she decided to try and break her foot that same night. We were in the ER until 2AM. Luckily it is not broken just very very bruised. Good thing for her since her dance recital is next week. She was such a trooper though.

Then there was also my college finals Thursday. Eek! Statistics is by far the hardest class I have ever taken. I am patiently waiting and checking grades every 10 minutes and still nothing posted. Why must my professor torture me so!!!

Even with all of the craziness of this week, My kids knew exactly how to make me smile every day that I walked into the room. I was overwhelmed with the gifts and appreciation that my parents and admin showed for us this week. I was completely speechless every day. I absolutely love my job. 

 When I walked into school Monday morning, I was greeted with the most amazing sidewalk chalk art to kick off our Teacher Appreciation week.

I even had a few little sweeties write me a few personal messages :) Love!
"Let's learn some more class!"

"Let's learn more about space Mrs. Davis!"

 "I love you Mrs. Davis & Mrs. Tamia!"

PTO had a special treat for us Monday for breakfast. How cute are these bananas!!!!

 I am so grateful for the amazing parents that I have this year and the wonderful admin. It is bittersweet to see it coming to an end so soon. Seriously, 13 days! Where has the school year gone! 

Last week we made some cute Mother's Day gifts! Love how they turned out! Here's a quick peak at a few of them.


Now onto next week. Next week I will be BAS testing all week and will have an amazing sub in my room with the kiddos while I am in the hallway testing. The kids will be learning about fractured fairy tales. I love these stories! They always make me laugh!

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Peek at Week: Dinosaurs

What a busy busy week. There was not a single moment to sit down or breathe. So glad the craziness is over. Last week was our accreditation. It was a long long stressful 4 day process but we all did great and we passed!!! We are now internationally accredited and are good for another few years.

While that craziness was going on throughout the school and our classrooms, we attempted to learn about Space. The kids were so excited and have been begging for this week to come. I am not sure how we fit everything in but somehow we did a ton of things!

BrainPop Jr. has some amazing videos! We watched one every day. We are slightly obsessed with Annie and Moby :)

We talked a lot about astronauts and what it would be like to go into Space. We even talked about food that astronauts eat. So of course we had to try some astronaut ice cream! They were a little skeptical at first and very slow at tasting the astronaut food. But once it touched their tongue, they quickly gobbled it down and loved it! They said it "melted in their mouth" and "tasted like chocolate pudding!"

We then worked on our measuring skills. I used DeeDee's pack for the scale model of the distance between the planets. We talked about the inner planets and the outer planets. We then measured the distance of each planet from the sun with our shoes! Learning is always better when your shoes are off! They were surprised at how far away some of the planets are.

In one of our stories, it said that when an astronaut takes a step on the moon, because of the little gravity on the moon, each step is 30 feet long. We definitely had to try this one out. They definitely thought they could take a step 30 feet long too. I measured a piece of tape 30 feet long and placed it on the floor. Each kid attempted to jump the entire distance but they did not quite make it. Our farthest jump was only 6 feet. It took us 8 jumps to make it to the end of the 30 feet. Thanks for this great idea Caitlin!

We also learned about how the craters on the moon were formed. Jennifer had the perfect way for us to explore this hands on. We filled a plate with flour (to represent the moon) and had balls (asteroids) crash into the moon to form craters! This was very messy so I thought we would do this one outside. Trying not to get the custodians on my bad side :) This was definitely a hit and helped the concept really sink in. 

Since they could not take a piece of this home, we made a mini version using Plaster of Paris.

What better way to end our space unit than with a dessert straight from the moon. Moon Pies!!!!

Friday was also our Field Day! Our PTO worked so hard tye dying amazing shirts for every one of our students and teachers. Have I ever said that we have a beyond amazing PTO! I heart them! Field Day was a perfect way to end our busy stressful week. They loved every minute of it.

Now, I have to do a personal brag really quick. Friday right after work, I rushed to my daughter's school to pick her up for her regional speech competition. I was so nervous for her but she did amazing! Her speech was a demonstration speech on "How to Build a Robot." She was amazing! 

And she won 1st place!!!!! We are now on our way to State competition in July!!! I could not be any prouder of her! Now I guess I owe her a new dress for competition.

We celebrated her amazing victory with our community Movies in the Park and her favorite movie, Pitch Perfect! We are so excited about Pitch Perfect 2. Hurry up May 15!!!!

Now on to next week. Next week we will be digging into prehistoric times to learn about dinosaurs! Here's a quick peek at our plans.

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