Peek at Week: Insects

I think I have recovered from our super busy week. If you missed all of the excitement of STEM week, check out my Five for Fraturday post. A movie date and ice cream with my mini me was definitely the perfect way to unwind from the craziness. And, not going to lie, I totally balled like a baby at the end of Furious 7. It's ok though, Coldstone makes everything better.

Besides the craziness of STEM week, we were able to squeeze in a few Earth Day activities. We made these adorable Super Heroes from Cara Carroll.

Next week we are diving into insects. One unit that I love teaching but bugs honestly freak me out. I will run on top of a chair screaming if I see one. And my kids know this. They know if they see a bug, they squish it, throw it away, then tell Mrs. Davis, in that exact order. Do not tell me before it is out of sight or I will be out of sight. So here's to hoping its for a fun buggy, real bug-free, week!

Now head over to DeeDee's blog to see what others are up to this week. Have a great week!


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