Peek at Week: Ocean

There is no kind of tired like end of the school year tired. And it's only going to be more exhausting. We have 8 more days people. 8 days with my amazing kiddos! So ready for summer to begin but I do not want to say goodbye to my kiddos. They are such an amazing class and I will miss them so much. The thing that makes it even harder is that we are getting rezoned and only 2 of my kids will be at the school next year. And on top of that 7 of my kids are moving this summer!!! 7 kids!!!! That's insane. I guess it comes with the joys of working on a military base.

This weekend has been filled with working on end of the year videos, pictures, and gifts and many tears while doing so. Haylee also had her recital this weekend. She totally rocked the stage! So proud of her!

Next week we will be diving into our unit on ocean! Here's a quick peek at what we will be up to. Trying to make the last few days as fun as I can. Gotta keep them engaged!

Now head on over to DeeDee's blog to see what others are up to these last days of school!


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