The Sunday Scoop

I'm here with my first link up with the Teaching Trio! So excited to be linking up with these amazing ladies!

Here is a quick scoop at what I am up to today and this week.

Have tos: I have one more day of work left and it's just packing and cleaning my room. Once I finish that I am out for SUMMER VACATION!!!!! Then it's time to pack for all of my back to back trips this year with no break in between. I have never been gone this much over the summer and it is kind of making me nervous. Alabama, Georgia, Florida, New York, and Vegas watch out, here I come!!!

Hope tos: I really hope I can find some time to sleep in and relax between my travels across the country. I also would love to get ahead on creating so I am not stressing out finishing last minute things again. Such the life of a procrastinator.

Happy to: Hubby has been away for a year and 2 weeks, not that I am counting or anything :) and we still have 7 long months until we are back together again. Got to love the Army life. But luckily I will get to visit him in 2 days!!!! Me and Haylee are beyond excited!!!

Now head on over to The Teaching Trio to see what everyone else is up to!


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