Currently August?!?!?!

Hey! I'm linking up with Farley again for another month of Currently!

Ok guys, can you seriously believe that it is August already?!?!?! I mean where did our summer go. I feel like I just got out of school for vacation and now kids are coming tomorrow!!! I am so not ready but everything will come together. So before I head up to the school to finish prepping for my 18 new Kinders that will be banging down my door at 8AM, let me do a quick currently post!

Listening - Trying to clean out my DVR before school starts and I have no time to watch TV. Love Chasing Life and all of those ABC Family shows :)

Loving - My 30 minute run/jog/walk is complete and before 9AM!!! Trying to find a good gym/work out routine that I can stick to during the school year. My plan is gym 4 days a week and a run the other 3 days. Maybe throw in a workout video at home for those days I can't make it to the gym. I'm open to any suggestions. How do you stay fit during the school year?

Thinking - I cannot believe summer is already over and kids will come back tomorrow! So excited for a new start to the school year and my new kiddos but a little sad that summer is over.

Wanting - My to do list for summer was huge and a barely crossed anything off!!! I want another week that I can devote to just prepping and finishing up my to do list before the crazy school year starts and I won't have a single moment of free time. 

Needing - Ok, usually my first week plans are done way before this but we had 3 schedule changes on Thursday and Friday. 3!!!!! Our schedule is crazy this year and trying to create a schedule that is consistent each day is impossible, but I figured something out and hoping it works. Now to head to the classroom to prep everything and pray it goes smoothly next week. 

B2S RAK - So I had full intentions on having this awesome gift ready for my teammates tomorrow but let's just say things got crazy and it's not ready. So, we will call this gift a "I survived the 1st week of school" gift and hoping it's ready by Friday. I'll post pics after I pass them out so I don't ruin the surprise. 

Now I am off to school to prep everything for tomorrow! Wish me luck for my first day with kiddos!!!

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