First Peek at My Week of the Year!!!

So last week was our first week of school. It was full of crazy moments, fun moments, and many many learning experiences. I am hoping to find time this week to blog about the first week of school and all of the fun things that we did to help my new kiddos learn rules, procedures, and learn to love learning! So onto next week, week 2, and we will back track later this week :)

This week we will still be working on the routine. Last week, we focused on Read to Self and Work on Writing during literacy block. I had planned to introduce Word Work this week but I do not think my students are ready so we will hold off just a few more days :) 

However, this week I will be introducing math centers. We will just be exploring the math manipulatives and doing very simple activities during math center time. This is more about the practice of rotating through the centers and exploring manipulatives. 

We will also be starting Whole Group Guided Reading. I will be alternating between Deanna & Deedee's packs and Tara's packs. I honestly couldn't pick just one. Normally I will stick to one pack a week and alternate each week but this week I didn't want to overwhelm them so we are beginning with Tara and ending the week with Deedee and Deanna :)

So this week we are still keeping things simple as we continue to learn rules and procedures. Take a peek below at our week! Click on the images to download a copy of the plans.
Now head on over to DeeDee's blog to see what others are up to this week!

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