Peek at My Week: Penguins

I'm stopping by for a super quick Peek at My Week post today. I am still in South Alabama but I am about to head out to make the drive through the 10 inches of snow and ice to make it home. Hoping roads are clear and praying for a safe drive home. 

I was out all last week for hubby's graduation ceremony from flight school so I have no pictures to post about all of the fun of last week. However, most of last week was snow days. The kids only had 2 days of school so I did not miss too much. If you want to see what I was up to this past week, check out my Five for Friday post.

Since the kids only had two days of school last week and I was not there at all, this week will kind of be a redo of last week plus some penguin fun. Come check it out!

Now head on over to DeeDee's page to see what others are up to!

Now I'm off to make this 7 hour drive home through the snow and so hoping for a snow day for tomorrow! Have a great week and do the snow day dance for me!

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