Math and Literacy Gingerbread Freebies

The first week of December I always teach our Gingerbread Unit! We spend the whole week reading Gingerbread books, doing Gingerbread math and literacy centers, Gingerbread crafts, and all things Gingerbread. You can read all about our Gingerbread activities on a future post! Today I wanted to share a fun Gingerbread freebie that you can use throughout your Gingerbread week!

This pack has 5 different activities that you can use in your math and literacy centers! They can be played independently or with a partner. These would also be great to use in your guided math or literacy groups! Students can use mini erasers or any other small manipulative for each activity in this pack.

Count and Cover

Students will pick a mat and a set of small counters or manipulatives to use. They will look at each number on the mat and count out that many manipulatives to place in each box. I use mini erasers since you can fit quite a few of them in each box.

Gingerbread Ten Frame

Students will pick a ten frame mat and a set of small counters. They will look at the number on the mat and using the counters, show that number on the ten frame.

Gingerbread Letters

Students will pick a letter mat and a set of small counters. They will create each letter as they fill the inside of the letter with the counters. I use mini erasers because they are smaller and fit better inside each letter. 

Gingerbread Addition

Students will get the addition mat and a set of counters. They will roll a dice and place that number of counters in the first house. They will roll again and place that number of counters in the second house. Students will then write an addition sentence to show how many counters they have.

Gingerbread Patterns

Students will get a set of three different types of counters. Students will look at the type of pattern on the side of each row and use the counters to create that pattern.

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