January Flippy Flap Activites for Kindergarten and 1st Grade

We love making Flippy Flaps! Flippy Flaps are lapbooks that students create throughout the week to store their learning. These are great for students to look back on to see what they have learned and also great to take home and share with families about what they learned at school.

Winter Flippy Flaps

https://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Product/Winter-Activities-Interactive-Notebook-Lapbook-2284973?utm_source=My%20Blog&utm_campaign=Jan%20RRU%20FF%20Winter https://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Product/Winter-Activities-Interactive-Notebook-Lapbook-2284973?utm_source=My%20Blog&utm_campaign=Jan%20RRU%20FF%20Winter

This Flippy Flap is all about snow and snowmen. Students will explore the season winter by exploring what makes winter different from other seasons. They will label a snowman, sequence building a snowman, and describing a snowman. Students will also sort clothes that are worn in the winter and games that you can play in the winter! Great introduction to your winter unit! You can check it out here!

Penguin Flippy Flaps


This Flippy Flap will help you teach your students all about Penguins! Students will learn about penguins by labeling a penguin, describing a penguin, comparing penguins to other animals, and sequencing the life cycle of a penguin. There is also a predator and prey sort along with some fun vocabulary words! You can check the Penguin Flippy Flap out here!

Polar Bear Flippy Flap


This Flippy Flap is perfect for your Polar Bear unit! Students will learn all about Polar Bears by labeling a polar bear, describing a polar bear, comparing a polar bear to other animals, and sequencing the life cycle of a polar bear. There is also interesting facts and fun vocabulary included! You can check the Polar Bear Flippy Flap out here!

Walrus Flippy Flap


If you are teaching about Walruses then this is perfect for your unit! Students will learn all about Walruses by labeling a walrus, describing a walrus, comparing a walrus to other animals, and sequencing the life cycle of a walrus. There is also a predator and prey sort along with some fun vocabulary words! You can check the Walrus Flippy Flap out here!

Martin Luther King Jr. 


This month we will also be learning about the life of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. This Flippy Flap is great to help you lead discussions about his life and his accomplishments. Students will sequence some major events in his life and learn some fun facts. They will also sort ways that we can be peaceful. There is also a part where students can write their own dream. You can check the MLK Jr. Flippy Flap out here!

If you are looking for more activities for January, you can check out my blog post for Fine Motor activities here and my blog post for BOOM cards here!  

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